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Updated 7March2017


You will have heard that High Speed rail now has the official go ahead. The Club is having to re-locate due to our current site being on the construction route. Our Development Team have been working tirelessly for the last 4 years to ensure the Club gets the best outcome. This has been fraught with technical and legal issues resulting in delays for the new build start. The new proposed site is just the other side of the motorway and various plans are on the noticeboards. Timing is the big issue in trying to get new pitches fit for playing by the time we are evicted from our current site. Projected departure is late 2018 but this may slip. We have been planning for a seamless move, however with delays there is an outside possibility that we may face season 2018/2019 without a home ground. Therefore we are going to be preparing a contingency plan by forming a working party from across all elements of the Club to look at alternatives.
What can you do? You can become part of the working party. You can give thought to every conceivable alternative; put those ideas into writing and let us have them. We ask that you do not individually approach any possible venues etc. this will be the role of the working party. This is a time when the whole Club needs to pull together and not splinter into smaller groups. To become part of the working party or submit your ideas, e-mail Peter Holmes on pj_holmes@btinternet.com by 30 April 2017. There will also be a suggestion box behind the bar.

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